The Patterns consist of everything pictured on each doll. Including instruction on how to make the Accessories such as Weapons, Pouches, Pipes,etc...

The Bead Kits consist of most all of the Beads, feathers and Findings called for in the patterns.

We Offer Molds, Patterns, Leather, Hides, Tools and Accessories for the dolls you see and more. If you are a returning visitor you will notice that we no longer have a store, however, all inquires about our products are welcomed and will be answered promptly through our Contact Page. This website is a work in progress, more product content and pricing information will be added.

For our potentionally new customers, we hope that you are intrigued, and for uor returning customers we thank you for being persistant and looking us up!

Faces Past Offers Original Native American Dolls, Doll Molds, Patterns, Leather & More

​​​​​​Faces Past Original Doll & Mold Company

​​I will always be a student of History and Herstory. Their stories were amazing, and inspired me. The remembered deeds of those who came before us were acomplished through feats of courage, character and hardships. I strive to create my historical dolls or Faces from the Past in a sensitive manner. I hope to honor those remarkable people; because one cannot make up better stories than thiers.

​Michelle Mastel

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Our Molds & Patterns are offered in two sizes. There are Bead Kits and Accessories available for almost every Pattern. 

Artist Statement

Our Leathers and Hides are of the finest grade and are available in many natural colors as pictured on our dolls. 

The Doll Molds that we offer are made from Michelle Mastel's original designs. We use the finest plaster when producing our molds so that all of the fine details remain, even after dozens of castings.

Once you have decided to make a purchase, please list the items you are considering in an email on the Contact Page.We will then calculate any quantity discounts you may qualify for and the shipping and handling charges. We strive to find the most economic option to ship your order depending on your location and your needs. We will then communicate the total cost of your order via an email. You can then make the purchase using any credit card you choose through Pay Pal, whether you are a member of Pay Pal or not. A safe and secure method of payment.