Cynthia Ann Parker, her husband Peta Nocona and son Li'l Quanah

Examples of Customer's interpretations of Faces Past mold Dolls

Faces Past is a porcelain doll making supply company. In the mid 90's my husband Jim and I started to offer my original designs of historical and native american dolls in production mold form. Faces Past Mold Company filled a niche that at the time, few mold companies filled, which was mold designs of men dolls especially native american men.

We traveled this country from one end to the other doing trade shows. We moved from California to Oklahoma and back again to California making friends along the way. We have seen alot of changes to our industry and our business, but these things remain constant, Jim and I are proud of our products and the relationships made with our customers. We would like to continue to fill that niche we once held with your doll making needs. Drop us a line. Let us know what you are doing and how you are. We welcome any questions and comments you may have.

Comanche Family

Faces Past offers Original Native American Dolls, Doll Molds, Patterns & Leather

​​​​Cynthia Parker done up as Marie Antoinette By Monique

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"The Porcelain Place" in Colorado produces a most excellant porcelain

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